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Just like a good book cover, back cover blurb, or introduction chapter - an author’s website is a place to make a great first impression and entice the viewer. Aside from making it look modern & professional, our job is to create a fluid experience for the user that communicates the tone of the book and encourages people to give it a read.

AuthorUp delivers a seamless user experience via cutting-edge web design and data analytics, ensuring your content is showcased precisely as intended.

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Our Team

Killian Lennon

Strategy & Technology

Killian is a Creative Technologist, which loosely translates to "digital handyman." He specializes in problem-solving via web design & web development, digital strategy, data analytics, graphic design and digital marketing.

When he isn't hunched concerningly close to his computer screen, you can find him spending time with family & friends, playing golf or an instrument, or trying to naturally weave fantasy football into conversation.

Curtis Staropoli

Sales & Client Experience

Curtis plays the role of client advisor for the AuthorUp team. He prioritizes understanding each author's current situation and aspirations, reflecting their vision into a harmonious digital plan, and ensuring clear and collaborative communication throughout the relationship.

When Curtis isn't orchestrating seamless customer journeys, he finds solace in strumming his guitar, exploring the science of yoga, spending time in nature, and surfing the Jersey Shore's best 3 foot waves.

What Our Clients Say

"When my new book came out, I wanted a website redesign that not only reflected the theme of the book, but would also be a place to highlight my speaking skills and media appearances. I picked Toan Digital to do this for me and I am absolutely thrilled with the result. The website looks great and functions flawlessly. But more impressively, AuthorUp brought an abundance of creativity, know-how, and get-it-done-until-it’s-perfect attitude to the project. We did a number of other digital marketing projects together throughout the book launch and in every instance they were professional, hard-working, and a joy to work with. "

- Tracy Beckerman
Award-winning author, speaker,
syndicated humor columnist

"I came into my working relationship with Toan Digital as a rookie book author with a message I wanted to spread but little experience with an online presence. The AuthorUp team took me by the hand and collaborated to build a fantastic website that is proving invaluable in establishing my credibility and brand. They were responsive and made the whole experience frictionless.  I am indebted to them."

- Wake Smith
Author, Lecturer at Harvard & Yale University, Geoengineering Researcher

"The website that Toan Digital created can only be described as artwork - everyone who sees it loves it. Most importantly, Curtis and Killian are excellent people who care deeply about the purpose of the design and the people behind the website. At one point my project hit a significant speed bump that had very tangible and unanticipated consequences. The AuthorUp team stuck with me through significant adversity and motivated me to continue pursuing my vision. I'm very grateful to have them on my team and look forward to working with them through the lifetime of my project"

- Andrew DeJoy
Author, Researcher, Financial Commentator